Monday, June 19, 2006

Gustav Klimt sets record

"A dazzling gold-flecked 1907 portrait by Gustav Klimt has been purchased for the Neue Galerie in Manhattan by the cosmetics magnate Ronald S. Lauder for $135 million, the highest sum ever paid for a painting."
From the New York Times, Monday June 19, 2006)

Gustav Klimt, "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I" 1907,
Oil and gold on canvas 138 x 138 cm
Photo NY Times.

A different photograph of the same painting.
Photo art Archive.

Some historical background from the Los Angeles County Museum including pictures of the other four paintings mentioned in the NY Times article

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Lisa Hunter said...

The Neue Gallery is already one of my favorite New York museums, and it's the ideal place for a Klimt. As the family noted, this museum is a bridge between Europe and America.

Thank you, Ron Lauder! I might even start wearing make-up in gratitude.