Friday, May 02, 2008


Jean Tingley
Unknown Title, 1960's?

I was just wandering through the Met and this Tingley sculpture caught my eye. I didn't write down any of the details and strangely, the Metropolitan doesn't give any via the web search. Odd. Whatever, it's a really nice piece, the precursor of a lot of later explorations in this direction.

My first studio was across the street from a mom and pop junk store. This owners were really a couple of dyed in the wool packrats, their 'lot' was roughly 100 x100 feet and packed ten feet high with every sort of imaginable (and unimaginable) junk, old bedposts, broken furniture, car parts, you name it they had it, somewhere back there, pointing. Tingley would have had a field day.

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salvo cheque said...

I hope that quote I used isn’t too vague. Trying to complicate your ?s with more ?s.
With your ?s about critic/advisor, critic/journalist and objectivity, I thought a questioning of journalist/advocate was appropriate.