Sunday, March 08, 2009

Scope NYC

This is the residue from a walk through the Scope Art Fair in NYC.

My favorite exhibitor was the heliumcowboy artspace's Losy Data Lab project. Heliumcowboy is the part of the "cutting edge" that gets left on the stone.
The Lossy Data Lab opened its doors to the public yesterday at the opening of SCOPE art fair in New York. Until Sunday, march 8, we invite you to take part in several research activities and to enjoy (and purchase) the drawn lab results head scientist Jon Burgerman creates live at the fair.
We will upload daily pictures from the Lab to this site, so please check the link below or click on the images for most current photos from our days at the fair.
Everything you see has been (and will continue to be) created in New York on location. We didn't ship or bring anything to New York but only worked with materials we found or that were given to us here. All artwork is exclusively drawn at the booth. Link to photos
Thanks to Jörg Heikhaus the founder of the heliumcowboy artspace My impression while I was at the Scope faire was that the Losy Data Lab project was the best thing there. I wasn't sure exactly what it was when I first saw it, but I sensed something important was happening which I only really found out about after I returned home. There are some pics further down, but click through to their website linked above for more details.

Massimo Giannoni | Galeria Rubin | Milan

Massimo Giannoni | Galeria Rubin | Milan

Tommaso Ottieri | Galeria Rubin | Milan

Heliumcowboy Artspace | Hamburg

Heliumcowboy Artspace | Hamburg

Jeff Soto | Jonathan LeVine Gallery | NYC

Jeff Soto | Jonathan LeVine Gallery | NYC

Brian Novatny | Galerie Schuster | Berlin

Graham Gillmore | Lincart | San Francisco

RARE | New York

KRAMPF Gallery | New York

Lei Wei (partial photo above) | KRAMPF Gallery | New York

Karim Hamid | dFAULKEN | New York
Karim Hamid | 33 Bond Gallery | New York

Adi Da Samraj | LA Contemporary | Los Angeles

Juan Francisco Casas | Galeria Fernando Pradilla | Madrid

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