Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dubuffet and Basquiat at Pace Wildenstein

Pace Wildenstein has a wonderful exhibition of paintings Dubuffet and Basquiat: Personal Histories on view at the 25th Street gallery through June 17, 2006. It is a remarkable pairing of two artists of different generations with a surprisingly similar approach to image making, painting. The Dubuffet's from the mid 70's, are great paintings. Don't miss this show.

Jean Dubuffet "Mêle moments", 1976
Mixed media on canvas 98 x 142" (248.9 x 360.7 cm)

Jean Dubuffet "Les lieux conjugés", 1976
Acrylic and paper collage on canvas 97-1/2" x 98" (248 cm x 249 cm)

Jean Dubuffet Panorama, January 20, 1978
Acrylic and paper collage on canvas 82-1/2" x 111-1/2" (209.6 cm x 283.2 cm)

Jean Dubuffet La féconde journée, 1976
Acrylic and paper collage on canvas 80-1/2" x 83" (204.5 cm x 210.8 cm)

All images are from the Pace Wildenstein website and used without permission.


Lisa Hunter said...

What a great idea for a pairing! Of course, I love shows that compare and contrast two painters. They make me look more closely at the details than I might at a single-artist show.

Great blog, George.

James Wolanin said...

This looks like it will be a great show. I'll add it to my "Must see" list. Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

I would looooooooove to be able to travel and see this if wasn't this far. Love these colors...

Anonymous said...

The red graph-like structure in the middle of the last one looks special. Do you agree?

The Whining Stranger said...

Wish I could have seen this show. I just got hip to Dubuffet's work after being into Basquiat for a while. Saw the Basquiat retrospective that toured last year. Amazing stuff.