Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More Gustav Klimt

After the making the previous post, I thought it might be interesting to take a further look at some of Klimt's work. The stylistic focus on line and patterning made me think of the Dubuffet paintings I saw recently at Pace Gallery. Also at the time these paintings were made, the Japanese print had become to the forefront. In my view, Klimt took something from this but made it more uniquely personal.

It also occurred to me that at the moment the zeitgeist favors paintings which are have complicated linear detail. While Klimt may be dismissed by some as "decorative" there seems to be something here worth investigating, I'll append more to this commentary after I think about it awhile.

Gustave Klimt, Austria. (1862-1918)
1913, The Maiden (Virgin)

Gustave Klimt, 1916,
Death and Life
In 1918 the "Spanish Flu" Influenza (1916-1918) becomes pandemic; over twenty-five million people die in the following six months (almost twice the number that died during World War I which was also raging at the time).

Gustave Klimt, 1916,
Portrait of Friedericke Maria Beer

Gustave Klimt, 1916,
Garden Path with Chickens


shine said...

Just when I was about to write an entry on Gustav Klimt, I stumbled upon your blog! *grins*

I like him, was going to write more on his Beethoven Frieze...

take care

Anonymous said...

I always try to draw Gustav's pics.