Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Keith Tyson at Pace Gallery

This weekend I visited, for the second time, Keith Tyson's impressive sculptural installation the "Large Field Array" at the Pace Gallery in NYC This is one of the best exhibitions by a young artist I have ever seen.

The exhibition closes October 20th. Readers who live in or near NYC should make a effort to take in this show before it closes, go with a friend.


The Large Field Array is a complex work of art. I have a number of thoughts about it but less time to write than I would hope for, so I’ll just keep adding to this post as time permits.

"What is this? I have to wait in line?" fleeting and somewhat distracted thoughts flickering as I approached Pace Gallery on an unseasonably warm, late September day. The brief wait, limiting the number of viewers at any one time, increased my anticipation. My turn, through the heavy curtain into a great room visually buzzing with hundreds of individual objects. [10/17]

I have a small flash of anxiety as I move into the space, unconsciously thankful the elements are organized in grid, rendering a familiar order for my passage. I continue in, as I scan the room I am overwhelmed by a wave of sensation, this cannot be possible, it’s too much to comprehend, I am dizzy, afraid I will break something.

Maybe it’s because I’m a painter, I feel a comfort with the wall. Whatever, on my first visit I notice I drift to my left, towards the wall, rather than directly entering the room. As I look around myself I realize I am visually fixing on certain elements, I have an affinity for them, it is a form of recognition. The grid of little white cubes at the front, I have an internal association with this image, it is part of my world. It occurs to me that each viewer will have their own world, some random yet specific order, they bring elements of the Array into the focus of their consciousness, on that particular day. Tomorrow it will be different. [10/17]

Installation views © Keith Tyson and Pace Wildenstein Gallery

Images: © Keith Tyson

More to follow…


Hans said...

Thank you for posting it, looks interesting and quite like a good student of Koons ;-)

Anonymous said...

That is some cool stuff in this exhibition, I love the mushrooms and the guy that fell asleep.