Monday, April 20, 2009

Regrouping: Art Market at FIT

Regrouping: art world professionals examine the art market
Wednesday, April 22
Symposium: 7:00-8:30pm
Katie Murphy Auditorium, FIT
7th Avenue at 27th Street (d building)

This sounded like it might be interesting:
Following years of wild expansion and commercial vitality, the last six months in the art world - as in all business sectors - have seen rocky auction and art fair sales, abrupt gallery closures and publicly expressed dealer woe.

Our panel, moderated by FIT adjunct faculty member, independent art consultant and co-founder of NADA, Sheri Pasquarella, will attempt to assess where things stand and what the long-term picture might look like.

The selected panelists are Paul Morris, co-founder of the Armory Show, Lowell Pettit, art advisor, Walter Robinson, critic and editor of Artnet, Yvonne Garcia, director of development of the Bronx Museum, and Florence Lynch, curaatoe and director of Florence Lynch Gallery.

FIT on 7th Avenue

A public service announcement


Anonymous said...

this seems like its a must go

George said...

Yes, it looks like it will be interesting.

Although, I really don't see what the mystery is, it all seems quite clear. We will see what the other experts think.

tony said...

On reading this the image that immediately leapt to mind was that priests of yore inspecting the entrails of dead animals, all in the hope of foreseeing the future.

George said...

On Wall Street the common disclaimer is "past performance is no guarantee of future results"

I attended the discussion and the general tone was a cautious optimism related anecdotally with entrails from the past. Outside of expertise within the confines of their own field, no one seemed to really understand the art market as a financial entity which is strongly linked to the other financial markets.

While I give credit to the students who organized the panel, the actual discussion between the panelists was disappointing.